Introducing the New Rugged Blue Cooling Towel with Carrying Case for only $6.95! Stay cool with these reusable Rugged Blue Cooling Towels; they are naturally refreshing, made of PVA material that holds water and stays cool for hours. Cooling towels are great for anyone who plays sports, especially golf, and those who work outdoors during hot, dry days.  Try one in each color: blue, green, brown, and red. Each towel comes with a durable PVC carrying case with color-matched carsfteysg1000021194_-00_main_rugged-blue-navigator-safety-glassesabiner for easy storage.

Another new arrival is the Rugged Blue Navigator Safety Glasses. The Rugged Blue Navigator Safety Glasses exclusively sold by Online Stores. You won’t be disappointed! Made from a polycarbonate lens and frame these are designed to last. Featuring UV400 and anti-scratch lenses that meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 & CE EN166 standards you won’t want to pass these up. Try out a pair. You’ll be glad you did! Available in Amber and Clear for $1.69 each. See wmL7nN7N5qfbe160bq5i_Gtwhat our customers are saying about these safety glasses: “These are great for the money. I have paid three times as much and gotten less.The color is super, not overly dark but dark enough.The frame color is a little more subdued than the pink.”

Be sure to try a pair of the Caboose Natural White Painters Pants, these are great pants if you work in a painting industry or just want a pair of pants that you won’t mind getting dirty. The Caboose painters pants are made of durable cotton and are great for multiple applications. They have great features, like a hammer loop, tool pocket, and back pockets for on the job convenience. These pants come in a natural, off white color and are only $9.95

Which way does this go? You may be asking yourself that question when using fall protection gear. In many instances, workers wear their harnesses too loose and many contractors buy the incorrect equipment for applications. For example, many contractors buy shock-absorbing lanyards and use them in areas with inadequate fall clearances.

TSK4000Special emphasis has been made by OSHA on Fall Protection Equipment, because falls from frightening heights still remain a critical safety challenge. The majority of the falls are from ladders and roof accidents, and falls are the most frequent cause of fatalities in construction sites. It’s important to identify hazards and decide how to protect workers. OSHA mandates that if any worker is at a height of 4+ feet the worker is at risk and needs to be protected. Fall protection must be provided at 6 feet in the construction industry.

There are many ways to ensure that you are protected from falls, including: guardrail systems, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems. It’s important to use safe work ethics. If personal fall protection systems are being used it’s important to ensure that employees know how to properly use and inspect the equipment. There are 3 key elements to personal fall arrest systems: anchorage, body wear, and connecting device. If these are used individually they will not provide protection, however in they are used in conjunction with one another they can provide the ultimate protection in the workplace.


OSHA has a few Fall Protection Tips for you:

  • Identify all potential tripping and fall hazards before you begin your work shift
  • Look for fall hazards such as floor openings/edges, shafts, skylights, stairwells, and roof openings
  • Inspect fall protection for defects EACH TIME you use it
  • Select, wear, and use fall protection appropriate for that specific task
  • Secure and stabilize ladders before climbing them
  • Never stand on the top rung or step of ANY ladder
  • Use handrails
  • Keep your work area clean of cords


For your Fall Protection needs, please visit our website. 

39 Pocket-Tech Gear Stereo Speaker 18inch MegaMouth Tool Bag1The new, sleek and trending tool holders and bags by Custom Leather Craft are the most convenient and easiest way to store all of your tools. The 39 pocket Tech Gear stereo speaker 18″ MegaMouth tool bag is great for anyone who is in the construction industry. This tool bag contains a portable audio system that integrates a high quality stereo speaker system designed to work with iPods and MP3 players. You can also connect your smartphone just by using the 3.5mm stereo jack (provided). The see-through cover helps you easily identify selections and functions on your music player or phone. The MegaMouth design is for easy access to the main compartment and has an internal metal frame to help keep it open. This bag contains 18 multi-use pockets inside and 21 on the outside for the ultimate storage for tools, parts, and accessories! This bag is currently $89.99.

Perhaps you are looking for a more affordable bag? At nearly half the price at $49.99 this 29 pocket Tech-Gear lighted 14″ BigMouth Tool bag is the right choice for you. This tool bag has built-in LED lighting that can easily be directed at your work area or into tool bag to view and identify tools and parts. The LED lighting is powered by 229 Pocket-Tech Gear Lighted 14inch BigMouth Tool Bag1 AAA batteries, which are included. There are three levels of light output allowing adjustments for wide area illumination or close-up work. BigMouth design gives easy access to tools and accessories. There are a total of 29 pockets! This bag contains padded carrying handles and adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable and convenient no-hands transport.




In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Construction Gear is holding an incredible online sale starting Midnight on Wednesday, November 27 until Midnight on Monday, December 2 2013. Here are a few of the Cyber Deals: Rugged Blue RB2 work boots (only $43.95), Konkrete Sara Boots (perfect for winter weather! $19.99), Handcuffs Adult Sweatshirts ($6.99!), Pink Safety Girl Tool Belts ($12.99), Carhartt Watch Caps ($6.99) and Men’s slippers! ($5.99). For more deals please visit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


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If you’re still looking for some great men’s shirts for the hot summer weather, it’s not too late. Construction Gear’s online store has some great July deals on men’s  performance shirts that are perfect for working hard outside, but also for casuaCGIC-APP-10XX_-06_Green_Polo-Shirt-Short-Sleeve-by-Ironclad-Performance-Wearl wear. But hurry, these deals won’t last long. Read on to learn more about these great buys.

The Men’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirt by Ironclad Performance Wear features the perfect balance between workwear and casual garb. This shirt is designed with a lightweight four-way stretch performance fabric that wicks moisture away from your body and is also anti-microbial, keeping you dry and comfortable. The shirt also features well-placed mesh venting areas under the collar and in the underarm area for additional cooling. The shirt has a polo design with a sleeve pocket but also provides extended range of motion. Order one–or more–of these great shirts today in black, green, navy, or white for only $25, a savings of $9 off the list price!

CG-6420_Ergodyne_BLACK_Core-Performance-Mid-Layer-Short-Sleeve-ShirtThe Core Performance Mid Layer Short Sleeve Shirt by Ergodyne is another fantastic men’s shirt that balances style with functionality. Although this shirt is made to be worn over the Core Performance Work Wear Base Layer, the this shirt can also be work on its own. The Core Performance Mid Layer Short Sleeve Shirt is made from high-quality wicking materials that keep you cool and dry in a variety of climates. In addition, the shirt has received anti-stink treatments that fight off bacteria that cause body odor. For comfort and mobility, the shirt is made from stretch fabrics, features raglan sleeves, and a long tail design for extra coverage. To top it off, the Core Performance shirt has a UPF rating of 50 to keep you protected from the sun. Order one of these great shirts today in gray, black, or lime for only $29.25, a savings of nearly $10 off the list price!

Every month, Construction Gear’s online store has fantastic monthly deals for men, women, and children. This July, Construction Gear is having a great sale on many items, including men’s tool pouches and bags. These bags are perfect for organizing lots of tools, whether you use them for work or just around your house. They make great gifts, too! Read on to learn more about our unbeatable deals, only available until July 31.

The Professional Maintenance Tool Pouch is designed specifically for electricians, but can also work for a variety of other CGBTLE-01_-00_new_Professional-Maintenance-Tool-Pouchpurposes. This tool pouch is made of heavy duty genuine leather and features lots of molded pockets to hold all different types of tools. The tool pouch includes a special holder for a tape measure, a quick release tool snap, a “T” chain holder, and a leather hammer loop. Of course, there’s plenty of room for smaller items, such as pencils, knives, and screw drivers. For easy accessibility and comfort, the tool pouch also has a wide belt slot, so it fits comfortably over any belt and helps you get through your work day a little easier. Order one of these great tool pouches today for only $18.50, a savings of over $13 off the list price.

CSGTLHD1000002940_-00_Dead-On-Professional-Utility-Tote-BagThe Dead On Professional Tool Bag is another excellent way to carry all the tools you need on the job. This bag is made from durable synthetic material and features reinforced pockets, including a special pocket that securely holds a utility knife. For convenience and easy accessibility, this tool bag has been made with a three-way carrying system, so you can wear it securely on your belt, or you can choose to wear it over your shoulder or simply carry it with the handle. Order one of these great bags today for only $26.89, a savings of almost $20 off the list price!

When you’re working outside, at your job or just fixing things up around your house, you know how important it is to have a great pair of gloves that keep your hands protected. At Construction Gear, we also value the importance of a good pair of gloves, and that’s why we have such a great selection of work gloves from a variety of brands and featuring a range of styles. If you’re looking for a great pair of gloves for general equipment handling, check out these great deerskin leather gloves from Custom LeatherCraft. CLC285_-00_Top-Grain-Deerskin-and-Spandex-Gloves-by-Custom-LeatherCraft

The Top Grain Deerskin and Spandex Gloves from Custom LeatherCraft give you the best of both synthetic and leather. Made with a combination of Top Grain deerskin and spandex, they are hard to beat. The gloves feature reinforced leather patches in the places where you need the durability: in the palms, undersides of the fingers, fingertips, and across the knuckles. The rest of the gloves are made from stretchable lycra for comfort and breathability. A neoprene hook and loop closure gives you a secure fit and keeps deb3215848208ris on the outside. Order a pair of these fantastic gloves today in medium, large, or extra large for only $22.49, a savings of over $3.50 off the list price.

The Top Grain Deerskin Driver Gloves from Custom LeatherCraft are another great choice for work gloves, especially if you do a lot of driving.  These gloves are made completely with Top Grain deerskin leather. For comfort and movability, the gloves have a keystone thumb. A shirred wrist and leather binding also make the gloves comfortable and ensure that they fit to your hand. Order a pair of these great gloves today in medium, large, and extra large for only $17.39, a savings of nearly $6 off the list price.


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